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Name of Interviewee and link to the interview summary
Interview with Dr. David Raitt, former Senior Technology Transfer Officer of ESTEC (part of ESA).
Interview with Michael "Fitzer" Fitzgerald, ISEC Chief Architect
Interview with Vern Hall, ISEC Earthport Harbourmaster
Interview with Dr. Bryan Laubscher, President of Odysseus Technologies
Interview with Daniel Needles
Interview with Graham Templeton

SE History Interview – Bryan Laubscher

Summary of Mark Dodrill (ISEC History Committee) Interview with Dr. Bryan Laubscher, President Odysseus Technologies (by Mike Hall) Bryan first heard of the concept of the space elevator when he was a child but didn’t have a really good understanding of how it worked until around 1999-2000 when he was at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He…

SE History Interview – Daniel Needles

Summary of Interview with Daniel Needles conducted by Mark Dodrill (by Evan Smith) Daniel Needles is writing a novel, Flash Memory, with Space Elevator as part of the backdrop of the story. He is interested in the applications of SE technologies to human society, including required precursors or nuances. He feels that SE is definitely…

SE History Interview – David Raitt

Summary of interview with David Raitt, recorded July 15, 2014 by Mark Dodrill At the time of this interview I had been retired from the European Space Agency for heading on for 5 years and for the last 10 or 12 years, I was the Senior Technology Transfer Officer working at the main R&D establishment at…

SE History Interview – Graham Templeton

Summary of Mark Dodrill (ISEC History Committee) Interview with Graham Templeton (Technical Writer and Author, Vancouver, BC) (by Mike Hall) Graham has covered many space conferences that have aroused his interest in Space Elevators. He has also had a story published featuring a Space Elevator. When attending these conferences the issue of launch costs raises awareness…

SE History Interview – Michael “Fitzer” Fitzgerald

Summary of Interview with Michael “Fitzer” Fitzgerald conducted in 2014 by Mark Dodrill (by Paula Smith) In 2014 the Space Elevator went from visionary to practicality. We are beginning to understand the broad relationships. This is not a spatial relationship, as much as an intellectual relationship. We’ve taken it out of the visionary stage and begun…

SE History Interview – Vern Hall

ISEC Space Interview with Vern Hall, Interviewer was Mark Dodrill, during the 2014 ISEC Space Elevator conference in Seattle. (Q) Can you please describe how you first heard about the space elevator? (A) I heard of the concept in popular publications like National Geographic, in an article several years ago, and it is a very…

Space Elevator Book Published

Space Elevator History Book Published ISEC is proud to announce the publishing of a history of Space Elevators. Click “Space Elevator – A History” to download this paper in .pdf format (146 pages). If you would like to purchase a printed copy of the book click Space Elevator – A History