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Dr. John Knapman is Director of ISEC’s SE Research.


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Checklist for Novel Ideas to Get to Space

Checklist for novel forms of infrastructure to improve access to space This checklist is intended for people with new ideas that are different from the usual design for the space elevator. We want you to think about how they relate to what’s already been done or to the key issues that we have already identified…

Design Considerations for a Software Space Elevator Simulator

The 2017 ISEC Study Report is now available: Design Considerations for a Software Space Elevator Simulator Here is an snippet from the Executive Summary: As with all large, modern engineering projects, detailed computer simulations of the space elevator will be essential during its design, construction and operational phases. Within the context of these phases, this…

Space Elevator Research Titles

Space Elevator Research Titles Click SE Research Titles to get the latest copy of all Space Elevator related research publications as compiled by the ISEC research team.