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March 2018 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter

March 2018 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter Welcome to the March, 2018 edition of the ISEC Newsletter! Dear Fellow Space Elevator enthusiast, In this edition, there is another Architecture Note about the technology readiness levels of the space elevator system.  We also have the complete schedule for the Space Elevator portion of the NSS ISDC Conference in May…


Space Elevator Architecture Note #15

Space Elevator Architecture Note #15 The Galactic Harbour’s Full Operational Capacity Michael A. Fitzgerald Personal Prolog This is an Architecture Note.  It is the opinion of ISEC’s Chief Architect.  It represents an effort to document ISEC’s ongoing science and engineering discussions, and is one of many to be published over time.  Most importantly, it is a…


Omaha Trail Overview

The Omaha Trail A system for high-efficiency transport between Earth and Mars Collaboration between the Lake Matthew Team (LMT) and ISEC director M. Lades Introduction Mars is popular as a new frontier destination for humanity, thanks to SpaceX initiatives and other private enterprises. Governments are finally starting to move on plans that were delayed when…