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2018 ISEC Space Elevator Conference Registration Now Available

Great news for all you Space Elevator enthusiasts!  The ISEC 2018 Space Elevator Conference is open for registration! Our theme this year is: “The Space Elevator Transportation System is closer than you think!” Come experience learning, brainstorming, and international collaboration in an atmosphere of history, invention, and discovery! Full conference details can be found here:  ISEC…

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Hello fellow space elevator enthusiasts!  ISEC wants to continue delivering our exciting Space Elevator progress, monthly Newsletter and Conference information to your email box, but we need your help! Please go to the following link, fill in the information, and click the Subscribe button.  When you receive the confirmation email from ISEC, click on the…


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In our modern world, the web and social media are the most common ways that people get their news and information about, well, everything!  ISEC wants to take fuller advantage of this trend to reach new audiences that we haven’t been able to before and spread the word about space elevators. If you are excited…