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Additional Space Elevator Technical Resources on the Web

  • The Space Elevator Feasibility Condition offers the most up to date technical analysis of what will be required to build a Space Elevator from both the tether strength and power systems perspectives. These two problems are linked because a stength in one can make up for a lack in the other. If the tether is not as strong as hoped, a more robust power system would be able to push climbers up the tether faster and thus still allow for a large amount of cargo to be moved.
  • Looking specifically at the tether, the Ribbon Mass Worksheet produced by the Spaceward Foundation allows an easy format to play with different variables such as tether strength and length to see how much mass is required and how much lift capacity is available. Be warned that the sheet is full of acronyms and is best viewed in companion with the Feasibility Condition.
  • A detailed look at the power systems is available in the Space Elevator Power System Analysis and Optimization paper.
  • The SE (Space Elevator) Analysis Spreadsheet. This provides you with the ability to calculate the characteristics of a Space Elevator and vary the inputs to those calculations. Thus the spreadsheet allows you to see the impact upon the mass, capacity, time to build and other important aspects of a Space Elevator when different strength of ribbon, type of deployment spacecraft, efficiency of climber power array or other critical choices are made.
  • Wikipedia overview article.
  • How stuff works A bit outdated but still very useful.
  • Spaceward’s Space Elevator gentle introduction and publications.
  • Brad Edwards’ NIAC Report [pdf]
  • Athur C. Clarke: A Thought Experiment or the Key to the Universe?
  • Jerome Pearson’s Space Elevator Pages and Space Elevator History
  • Yuri Artsutanov’s (translated into English) original SE proposal [pdf]

Space Elevator Pop-Tech Books

  • Space Elevators: An Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and the Way Forward The International Academy of Astronautics, 2014 Buy
  • Design Considerations for Space Elevator Tether Climbers ISEC 2014 Buy
  • Space Elevator Concept of Operations ISEC 2013 Buy
  • CLIMB – The Space Elevator Journal: Volume 2 / Number 1 ISEC 2013 Buy
  • Space Elevator Survivability, Space Debris Mitigation ISEC 2011 Buy
  • CLIMB – The Space Elevator Journal: Volume 1 / Number 1 ISEC 2011 Buy
  • Space Tethers and Space Elevators Michel van Pelt, Springer 2009 Buy
  • Space Elevator Systems Architecture, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan, Lulu Publishing, 2007. Buy
  • Leaving the Planet by Space Elevator, Bradley C. Edwards and Philip Ragan, Lulu Publishing, 2006 Buy
  • Liftport – The Space Elevator: Opening Space for Everyone, Bill Fawcett, Michael Laine, Tom Nugent, Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. 2006. Buy
  • Running the Line, Stories of the Space Elevator., Bradley Edwards, David Raitt, editors. Lulu Publishing 2006. Buy
  • Space Elevators: An Advanced Earth-space Infrastructure for the New Millennium NASA and D. V., Jr. Smitherman, University Press of the Pacific, 2006, Buy
  • The Space Elevator: A Revolutionary Earth-to-Space Transportation System Bradley C. Edwards, Eric A. Westling, 2003 Buy
  • Advanced Space System Concepts and Technologies, 2010 – 2030, Ivan Beckey. The Aerospace Press, 2003 Buy

The Space Elevator in other publications

Works of Fiction

  • Jack and the Beanstalk – an 1800’s tale of horror! “‘Fa, fe, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman”…
  • The Fountains of Paradise, by Sir Arthur C. Clarke [Amazon]
  • The Web Between the Worlds, by Charles Sheffield [Amazon]
  • Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson, a ‘chromology’ of mars colonization. [Amazon Amazon Amazon]
  • Star Trek Episode