Membership is the Lifeblood of the International Space Elevator Consortium

The lifeblood of any non-profit research organization is its members.  Members are people like you who are going to make the Space Elevator a reality.  If you like the in-depth research, global advocacy, youth education, and all of the other ISEC activities, please help us!  Join or renew your membership today and bring the Space Elevator a little closer to reality.  The most important aspect of your membership is that your contribution allows us to pursue the programs which will hasten the day when a Space Elevator will be built. Please also subscribe to our monthly emails and notifications about the annual Space Elevator Conference and other important announcements. Note: ISEC is a recognized 501c3 Corporation (EIN # 80-0302896).  All of your contributions are fully tax-deductible (in the United States).


Individual Memberships

Membership Level Cost Gift
Junior (up to 18 years old) $20 Welcome on ISEC’s Social Media
Student (college) $25 Welcome on ISEC’s Social Media
Professional $50 Welcome on ISEC’s Social Media
Family (5 immediate relatives) $95 Two Coffee Mugs
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Individual Sponsorships

ISEC offers individual sponsorship memberships in three levels; Ribbon Rider, Space Elevator Builder, and Space Elevator Architect.  These contributions [tax deductible in the US] will greatly enhance ISEC’s ability to have more student internships and support more activities towards an operational space elevator.
Membership Level Cost Gift
Ribbon Rider $500 Coffee mug
Builder $1,000 Coffee mug and polo shirt
Architect $5,000 3 coffee mugs and 3 polo shirts
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  Each sponsor level member is recognized as a consortium sponsor in all ISEC publications.  

Corporate Memberships

Corporate membership is designed for those corporations that wish to enhance the development of space elevators through investment in the concept.  These contributions will ensure that the conferences, studies, student internships, and other efforts are “top notch” and “reaching for the stars”.  Corporate benefits also include recognition in the ISEC eNewsletter, an invitation to participate in the yearly ISEC Red Team Study report review and some free passes to the International Space Elevator Conference.
Membership Level Cost Gift
Small (50 employees or less) $800 1 free pass to the annual conference*
Medium (51-500 employees) $2,500 2 free passes to annual conference and conference recognition*
Large (more than 500 employees) $6,500 3 free passes to annual conference, conference recognition, and 5 minutes for corporate elevator pitch at annual conference*
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  *Other corporate benefits:
  • Small Corporate Membership: Ribbon Rider membership
  • Medium Corporate Membership: Four Professional, Space Elevator Builder memberships, an invitation to participate in the yearly ISEC Report and two free passes to the International Space Elevator Conference.
  • Large Corporate Membership: Ten Professional, Space Elevator Architect memberships, and an invitation to participate in the yearly ISEC Report, and three free passes to the International Space Elevator Conference