2013 Poster

The ISEC theme for 2013 was Tether Climbers. The 2013 Theme poster shows one possible Climber, this one powered by a Laser and Solar Photovoltaic array. The Laser array would be used just above the atmosphere until the Climber ascended to ~6,000 kilometers after which the Solar array would be used.


2012 Poster

The ISEC theme for 2012 was Space Elevator – Concept of Operations. The 2012 Theme poster shows three different views of an operating Space Elevator; an overall view of the Base Station, closeups of various components of the Base Station and a Climber and a “birds-eye view” of a Climber ascending the tether.


2011 Poster

The ISEC theme for 2011 was Research and Thought targeted towards the goal of a 30 MYuri tether. The 2011 Theme poster shows three different views of the Tether; a look at the microscopic, nano-scale building block, the macro-scale ‘weaving’ composition of a proposed tether and the tether being used by a Climber to ascend into space.


2010 Poster

The ISEC theme for 2010 was Space Debris Mitigation – Space Elevator Survivability. The 2010 Theme poster shows two methods of dealing with space debris. The top picture shows a ‘Maintenance Climber’ traversing the tether, making repairs to small debris impact sites on the tether. The bottom picture shows a climber firing its Ion engine to move ‘its’ portion of the tether out of the way of a larger piece of space debris.


2009 Poster

As 2009 was ISEC’s first full year, there was no theme for that year. Consequently, the 2009 poster honored the contestants in the Spaceward sponsored Power-Beaming competition, including the first winner, LaserMotive. For their successful climb, Lasermotive was awarded $900,000 by NASA.


All of these posters are 11×17 inches in size and are offset-printed on heavy-duty, glossy paper. The price for these posters is one for five dollars US, two for eight dollars US and three for ten dollars US. Each additional poster in the same order above three posters is two dollars US each. Shipping and handling charges will be added to each order. For a quote, please email customerservice [at] isec.org.