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The Space Elevator Blog was founded in April, 2006, and was created to be an ongoing chronicle of everything that happens in the Space Elevator ‘arena’.  It covers all of the news events relating to space elevator development and competition in the US, Japan and Europe as well as elsewhere in the world.  If you want to keep current on Space Elevator developments, you should be a regular reader or subscriber at the Space Elevator Blog. Contact Ted Semon at ted@spaceelevatorblog.com.

SouthWest Analytic Network, Inc. provides consulting and educational services in the areas of major space systems’ acquisition, space tethers, space elevators and policy issues.  Contact Dr. Peter Swan at pete.swan@isec.org.

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Cholla Space Systems, based in Mesa, AZ, is a small business specializing in Space Systems, primarily Iridium. Contact Robert “Skip” Penny at skipnjane@hotmail.com.