Here are the published proceedings (presentations and papers) from the annual ISEC Space Elevator Conference.  Each conference year below will list the presentations, in the order presented at the conference, with the author(s) name(s) and any accompanying papers or other supplementary materials.

The 2018 proceedings are now available.  Previous years’ proceedings will be added in reverse chronological order soon.


  1. ISEC President’s Corner by Dr. Pete Swan (ISEC)
  2. Space Elevator Baseline System Overview by Dr. Bryan Laubscher (Odysseus Technologies)
  3. Keynote PresentationThe last piece of the puzzle? – Single Crystal Graphene by Adrian Nixon (Nixor Ltd)
  4. Building the Space Elevator: Lessons from Biological Design by Sean Sun and Dan Popescu (Johns Hopkins University) – Accompanying Paper
  5. Mini Workshop – 2018 ISEC Study “Technical Description of the Multi-Stage Space Elevator” – John Knapman (ISEC)
  6. Mini Workshop – “Preliminary Technology Readiness Assessment of the Space Elevator Transportation System” – Michael Fitzgerald (ISEC)
  7. Characteristics of Space Elevator Apex Anchor – Dr. Pete Swan (ISEC)
  8. Space Elevator Transportation System Baseline – Michael Fitzgerald (ISEC)
  9. A Hardware Space Elevator Simulator by Dennis Wright (ISEC) – Accompanying Paper
  10. One Step Closer to Reality – Achieving Technical and Economic Viability through Innovative Business Models by Phil Swan and CP Nickel – Related Whitepaper (Updated July 2019)
  11. Fuller-Clarke Sphere – Thad Heckman (Design Works) – Poster and Abstract
  12. Mini Workshop – “ISEC’s Outreach with Early Experimentation Support” – Dennis Wright (ISEC) and Michael Fitzgerald (ISEC)


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