ISEC 2018 Call for Papers!

We invite you to join us in Seattle for the latest research, knowledge, stimulating discussions, and exchange of ideas on space elevators at the 2018 Space Elevator Conference, August 17-19, 2018.

The dual theme of this year’s conference is the Technical description of the Multi-Stage Space Elevatorand thePreliminary Technology Readiness Assessment of the Space Elevator Transportation System.”


Topics for papers should fall into one of these categories.

  1. Multi-Stage Space Elevators
  2. Technology Readiness Assessment of the Space Elevator Transportation System
  3. Carbon nanotube tensile strength research progress and other strong materials research relating to space elevators
  4. Science, engineering, and technology topics relating to space elevators
  5. Operations, maintenance, ROI, and other business and financial topics relating to space elevators
  6. Space elevator impact on the future and public outreach to societal institutions; government, media, unions, the educational system, etc.
  7. Treaties, laws, insurability, and other legal issues and topics relating to space elevators

Submit your abstracts and papers to the Conference Management Tool (CMT) at  Sign up as a new user when you first go to the CMT site.


Authors are invited to submit titles and abstracts by 10-Jun-2018 (but we will still consider abstract submissions after this date).  Abstracts must be in English, be no more than 5000 characters, should state the purpose, result, and conclusion of the proposed paper with supporting figures where appropriate. Authors will be notified of acceptance to submit a corresponding paper within a week of abstract submission. For all submittals, please include the title, authors and affiliations, and e-mail of the corresponding author.


Please use the ISEC Conference Papers Template for your paper.  Papers must be in English with the first full draft for review due by 15-Jul-2018.  This is an informal checkpoint to make sure you are on track to have the paper ready for the conference.  Final papers and presentations are due 10-Aug-2018 so that we can make the papers available to the conference attendees.  PowerPoint or PDF formats are preferred for presentations.


We will collect all papers and presentations made and include them in the conference proceedings, to be offered free to the public on the ISEC web site after the conference.  By submitting a paper and presentation to the conference, the author(s) explicitly give(s) ISEC and the Space Elevator Conference organizing committee the right to include his or her paper and presentation in the conference proceedings.