The April, 2017 issue of the ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter is now available: April 2017 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter

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Welcome to the April 2017 Newsletter. Here you will find current technical content from our engineers and new opportunities to get involved. Vern, Fitzer and John Knapman once again weigh in on the technical/logistical side of the Space Elevator and Pete continues to offer up inspiring methodologies for progress in the SE world. As always, thank you for reading!

With SpaceX’s recent victory landing and reusing the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket we are living in an incredibly exciting time for space exploration. With the dawn of reusable rockets, space is truly becoming an economically viable market. All progress to reduce the cost of space travel brings us a step closer to realizing the Space Elevator. The more travel to and from Earth orbit and beyond, the more we will need even more affordable transportation systems like the SE!  

If you missed the news last month, our pilot internship program last Summer was a success and we are now offering opportunities for Summer 2017. More specifically, we are offering two paid positions this summer for undergraduate students. This program is aimed at Freshman and Sophomores in Aerospace fields, but all are welcome to apply. The program is explained in detail below. We look forward to your applications by April 15th! If you have yet to apply, now is the time!

As always, you will find notices of several open volunteer positions (a great way to help this project, even if you’re not a scientist or engineer) and a reminder that all ISEC reports, Yearly Reports, CLIMB Journals and the Via Ad Astra Magazine, are now available FOR FREE in electronic (pdf) format at There is plenty of work to be done!

If you want to help us make a space elevator happen, JOIN ISEC and get involved!  A space elevator would truly revolutionize life on earth and open up the solar system and beyond to all of us.

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