The 2014/15 ISEC Strategic Plan

(adopted at the Board of Directors meeting on August 21, 2014)

2014 Theme – “Architectures & Roadmaps”
2015 Themes – “Marine Node Design Considerations” and “Tether Material Status Update”


  • Organize and conduct the 2014 [& 15] annual Space Elevator Conferences including posters
  • Produce the ISEC Journal when appropriate
  • Produce the Annual ISEC Study reports (2014 is Architectures and Roadmap, 2015 is Marine Node) after year long study
  • Increase our Professional & Student membership and go ‘outside the circle’ and recruit additional Corporate sponsorship
  • Strengthen Organization – a way to judge progress
  • Maintain a Social Media presence
  • Continue and enhance History Committee activities
  • Continue and enhance Research Committee activities
  • Consider Sponsor and organizing the Artsutanov and Pearson prize competitions
  • Develop excellent relationship with Japanese Space Elevator Association

Tasks to accomplish / finalize

  • Publish the 2014 ISEC Study Report on Architectures & Roadmaps – Fitzer
  • Support University of Cincinnati Nanotube Conference – Bryan Laubscher – On going each year.
  • Support Science Fest at the Seattle Museum of Flight Event – David Horn
  • Continue EuroSpaceward representation – Martin Lades.
  • Support IAA Space Elevator Activities – Peter Swan & Skip Penny– In process.
  • Maintain website – Ted Semon – Ongoing.
  • Send out periodic eNewsletters etc. “ISECdotORG” now on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. Pete Swan has submitted many articles to 50 Linked IN sites.  Pete Swan/Ted Semon.  Ongoing.

Other items to consider:

  • Set up a Speakers Board
  • Create 20 minute Space Elevator Basics Presentation, place under Configuration Management, and make available to all board members
  • Re-energize Space Elevator Wiki

 (The ‘ISEC year’ begins and ends at the annual Space Elevator Conference.  The Board of Directors meeting held at the Space Elevator Conference discusses and ultimately approves the Strategic Plan for the next 12 months, the next ‘ISEC year’.)