Space Elevator Conference Press Releases


2017 Conference Announcement

August 13, 2017--Seattle
Please feel free to download and disseminate the press release for the 2017 ISEC Space Elevator Conference.

2016 Conference Announcement

July 8, 2016--Seattle
Please feel free to download and disseminate the press release for the 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Conference.

2015 Conference Announcement

July 27, 2015--Seattle
Please feel free to download and disseminate the press release for the 2015 ISEC Space Elevator Conference.

2014 Conference Announcement

August 5, 2014--Seattle
Please feel free to download and disseminate the press release for the 2014 Space Elevator Conference.

2013 Conference Announcement

August 9, 2013--Seattle
Please feel free to download and disseminate the press release for the 2013 Space Elevator Conference.

2012 Conference Announcement

August 10, 2012--Seattle
Please feel free to download and disseminate the press release for the 2012 Space Elevator Conference.

2012 Conference to be Held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle

April 19, 2012--Seattle
The International Space Elevator Consortium is proud to announce that the 2012 Space Elevator Conference will now be held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. The conference dates are still the same, August 25th through August 27th, 2012, with the Family Science Fest on August 25th. Come experience learning, brainstorming, and working together surrounded by an atmosphere of invention and discovery! Conference and family science fest attendees will be stimulated and energized by the planes hanging from the Great Gallery glass ceiling or watching a jet take off from the Boeing Field runway.

2011 Post-Conference Press Release

August 2, 2011--Redmond
Please feel free to download and disseminate the final press release (PDF format) for the 2011 Space Elevator Conference. See you next year!

2011 NASA $2M Prize Competition to Stream Live

August 10, 2011--Redmond
Plan to watch live and online this year's NASA Centennial Challenge - Strong Tether Competition, where a winner, if their tether is strong enough, could win the $2 million dollar prize. Event is scheduled for 4 PM (PDT) this Friday and will be available here.

2011 Space Elevator Conference to Host Exciting Family Science Fest

July 6, 2011--Redmond
New this year the Space Elevator Conference will host a free Family Science Fest, on Saturday, August 13, 2011, from 1 PM to 5 PM, also at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond. A highlight of the day will be RoboQuest, with family and youth focused events including:

  • A robotics competition with robots taking satellites up an elevator ribbon
  • Exhibits from the Pacific Science Center on engineering, space exploration and nanotechnology
  • The Museum of Flight’s “Robot Garage” where you can test your rover building skills
  • LEGO Build Zone where kids of all ages can build futuristic spacecraft using just their imagination
  • Robot demonstrations by area robotics team
  • A life-size, working replica of R2-D2
  • And more

Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Researchers to Present at 2011 Space Elevator Conference

June 18, 2011--Redmond
The Space Elevator Conference is pleased to announce the that leading edge nanotechnology researchers will be presenting at this year's conference:

  • Dr. Boris I. Yakobson
    • Presentation title: A few answers to Rajasinghe: Carbon bonds, limits of growth, bounds of strength…
    • Position: Karl F. Hasselmann Chair of Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Professor of Chemistry, Rice University
  • Dr. Vesselin Shanov
    • Presentation title: Recent Progress in Synthesis, Processing, and Application Of Carbon Nanotube Materials
    • Position: Associate Professor at the School of Energy, Environmental, Biological and Medical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
  • Dr. Vasilii Artyukhov
    • Presentation title: Making and breaking graphitic nanocarbon: insights from computer simulations
    • Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Rice University

Drs. Yakobson, Shanov and Artyukhov will be presenting these papers during the Friday, August 12 Tethers Session.

Contact information regarding these press releases, press passes and all other issues regarding the conference can be found on the Contacts page.