Via Ad Astra - The Space Elevator Magazine
Volume 1 / Number 1
Via Ad Astra Volume 1 Number 1 cover of a Space Elevator and Climber
  • This is the first issue of Via Ad Astra, the Space Elevator magazine. It contains an interview with Yuri Artsutanov (the original inventor of the modern-day idea of a space elevator), a reprint of Jerome Pearson's article on Anchored Lunar Satellites, articles on International Law and the Space Elevator and Space Elevator Simulation and much more.
  • Editor-in-Chief: Ted Semon
  • Publication date: December, 2015
  • An electronic version can be downloaded here:  Via Ad Astra, Volume 1, Number 1
  • A printed copy of this Magazine can be purchased for $11.99 (plus shipping & handling) from Visiting this site also allows you to see a preview of the Magazine. 


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