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Man making announcement graphicThe ISEC February, 2016 Space Elevator Newsletter is now available: February 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter.

"This is a very full issue, reflecting the fact that ISEC activity is beginning to uptick for the year.  Included are the official announcement for the 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Conference (including a Call for Papers), an announcement extending the ongoing Membership drive for one more week, the President's Corner discussing the terminology that is being more and more commonly used when discussing a space elevator and the latest Research column.

Also included is the first installment of the ISEC "Help Wanted" page - a place where you can learn specifically how you can help make a space elevator happen and a call for papers for upcoming issues of CLIMB and Via Ad Astra."

Happy Reading!

People on a globe graphicISEC is very pleased to announce the 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Conference, once again to be held at Seattle, Washington's Museum of Flight.  From the official announcement:

"The International Space Elevator Consortium presents the 2016 Space Elevator Conference to be held August 19th through August 21st, 2016 at the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington with the Family Science Fest on Saturday, August 20th. The theme of this year's conference is the "Apex Anchor, Geo Node, and Communication Architecture."

The three-day technical conference will engage an international audience of scientists, engineers, educators, managers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and students in discussions of space elevator development including Technology, Business and Operations, Outreach, and Legal topics.  More details of this year's technical conference program will be posted on the conference website with registration opening March 2016. The Family Science Fest portion of the conference will be held Saturday, August 20th, 2016.

This event is in tandem with the technical conference and is included in the Museum of Flight admission price. The Family Science Fest includes a youth robotics competition, public Space Elevator 101 and 201 presentations, exhibits from universities, science organizations, and science clubs, and much more.  This is a great event for the whole family while you explore the Museum of Flight. Many thanks to our annual "GEO" level sponsors, the Museum of Flight and Microsoft Corporation, for their ongoing support for this conference."

Every year this conference gets bigger and better and this year will be no exception.  Registration will be open soon - be there or be square!

Gold coins graphicISEC is very pleased to announce its third annual membership drive to be held during the month of February, 2016.  During this month new members may join and current members can renew at a reduced rate!

Those who join or renew  at the Professional level will only have to pay $58, a $10 discount from the normal $68 rate. Professional level members are entitled to receive the print version of any issue of CLIMB, the Space Elevator Journal, or Via Ad Astra, the Space Elevator Magazine or any ISEC Report.

Those who join or renew at the Student level will only have to pay $20, a $5 discount from the normal $25 rate. Student level members are entitled to receive the electronic version of any issue of CLIMB or Via Ad Astra or any ISEC Report.

So, take advantage of the reduced rates, visit the ISEC member join/renew page and join or renew your membership in February!

People listening graphicThe ISEC Space Elevator January Newsletter is now available - you can access it here.

Lots of news this month:

"This edition reflects the very busy state of affairs at ISEC - lots going on!  First of all, we are happy to announce our 3rd annual MEMBERSHIP DRIVE!  For the month of February only, you can join or renew your membership in ISEC at a reduced price - details elsewhere in the Newsletter.

If you are wondering what the game of Golf and the Space Elevator have in common, this month's President's Corner will make it all clear.  This newsletter also features your monthly column from the Research Lab, the latest installment of Why Space Elevators and a new column devoted to familiarizing you with the ISEC Leadership team.

There is also a Call for Papers for the next editions of CLIMB, the Space Elevator Journal and Via Ad Astra, the Space Elevator Magazine.  Finally, we present the Press Release from the New Space organization, highlighting a special issue they are creating focusing on the Space Elevator."


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More detailed page is: ISEC Space Elevator Reports for Download

Space Elevator Status as of Summer 2016

2016 - Design Considerations for the Space Elevator: GEO Node, Apex Anchor and a Communications Architecture

This report will be available from the ISEC web site, ISEC store, or directly from the publisher, [after publication in March 2017].

2015 ISEC Space Elevator Earth Port

2014 ISEC Space Elevator Architecture and Roadmap

2013 ISEC Design Considerations for Space Elevator Tether Climbers

2012 ISEC Space Elevator Concept of Operations

2010 ISEC Space Debris Final Report

Space Elevator - A History

CLIMB - The Space Elevator Journal

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2017 ISEC Space Elevator Conference, Seattle, WA, August 25-27, 2017 at the Museum of Flight

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Space Elevator Publications List

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ISEC Research Committee

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 Studies: Chair – Dennis Wright 

 2010    Space Debris: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

 2011    Search for 30 MYuri:  Bryan Laubscher

 2012    Ops Concept: Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Cathy Swan

 2013    Tether Climbers:  Peter Swan, Skip Penny, Peter Glaskowsky, John Knapman, Cathy Swan

 2014    Architectures:  Fitzer Fitzgerald, Skip Penny, Cathy Swan, Peter Swan

 2015    Earth Port:     Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Sandee Schaeffer, Peter Glaskowsky

 2016    GEO/AA/Comm’s:     Paul Phister, Fitzer Fitzgerald, Vern Hall, Skip Penny, Peter Swan, Peter Glaskowsky, Ron Cole, David Ackerman, Chris Malek

 2017    Design Considerations for Space Elevator Simulation


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"The ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a Space Elevator (SE) Infrastructure as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity."

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