December 2015 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter
  • Kid's Climber Competition 2
    Kid's Climber Competition 2
  • Sandy Curth Presenting
    Sandy Curth Presenting
  • Kid's Climber Competition 1
    Kid's Climber Competition 1
  • Bryan Laubscher
    Bryan Laubscher
  • IAA Study Presentation
    IAA Study Presentation
  • Fitzer Presenting the Architecture Report
    Fitzer Presenting the Architecture Report
  • Kid's Climber Competition 3
    Kid's Climber Competition 3
  • 2016 Group Photo
    2016 Group Photo
  • Pete Swan
    Pete Swan
  • 2016 MOF Front Door
    2016 MOF Front Door

Newsstand graphicThe December, 2015 ISEC Space Elevator eNewsletter has been issued and can be accessed here.  From the eNewsletter introduction:

This month's President's Corner talks about why our President is so 'pumped' about space elevators, why you should be too and what you can do to help further this effort.

ISEC is also very pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Via Ad Astra (Road to the Stars), the Space Elevator magazine - a new publication which should appeal to anyone who is interested in science and new ideas.

This issue also contains information about "Sky Line", a new space elevator movie recently released as part of the DOCNYC (Documentary New York City) film festival.

Finally, this month's "Research Files" column discusses space debris and the space elevator (always a favorite topic of nay-sayers) and this month's "Historical Files" column discusses the IAC (International Astronautical Conference) and the prominent role that space elevators have played in it.

And please note that you can access all of the ISEC Space Elevator eNewsletters by pointing your mouse at the Resources tab on the Top menu and then scrolling down and clicking on the ISEC eNewsletters tab.


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