ISEC 2017 Internship Program Deadline Extended!
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International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC)
Announces a Summer Internship Program
Apply by 15 May 2017
ISEC will have an internship program this summer to stimulate research inside the space community with the purpose of improving the Body of Knowledge on space elevators. The expectation is that the intern would work from home, putting in approximately 10 hours a week researching various components of the space elevator while working with an ISEC mentor.  The selection will be competitive with the top six gaining internships. The details are as follows:
  • Process: Apply, be connected with the appropriate ISEC mentor, select topic of interest, conduct individual research, confer with mentor every two weeks, summarize research, present to mentor/and-or at the ISEC Conference.  
  • Who: This program is open to all undergraduate students. The program is best suited to Freshman and Sophomores working in a scientific or engineering field, however students from all areas of study are encouraged to apply as ISEC works on all aspects of the Space Elevator challenge from technical engineering problems to questions of Space law and economics. We will be accepting up to 6 interns for Summer 2017.
  • Where: Research will be conducted remotely by the intern with meetings by Skype or equivalent. The internships final meeting will either be over Skype or at the ISEC Conference.
  • What: Interns will be researching or assisting with ongoing research of one area of Space Elevator development. Areas of research include Space Elevator History, Carbon Nanotube Applications for Space Elevator tethers, Earth Port infrastructure, and more. Interns will report progress regularly to their mentor and produce a summary of their research, as per agreement between intern and mentor. They will present this research in person or through a video at the 2017 ISEC Conference.
  • Benefit: In addition to the unique opportunity to work with leading Space Elevator researchers each intern will be awarded a $500 grant, an ISEC certificate of completion, and a letter of recommendation.
  • Key Dates:  
    • Application due: May 15th.
    • Internship period: June 15th - August 15th.
    • ISEC Conference: August 25th.
To Apply:   
Please submit your application and any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 15, 2017.
Your application should include your name, school, year, major [and interests], and a short summary of your interest in ISEC and why you would like to have a career in the space arena (no more than 200 words).   

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