November 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter Now Available
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 The November, 2016 issue of the ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter is now available:  November 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter!

Welcome to the November 2016 Newsletter. Here you will find current technical content from our engineers and new opportunities to get involved. I am particularly excited to announce the official start of our Summer internship program. After a successful trial run with one intern in Summer 2016 we will be adding two paid interns to our staff this upcoming Summer. More specifically, these interns will be college Freshman or Sophomores in an Aerospace field. Please stay tuned to as applications will be coming online shortly!

On a more artistic note we are once again asking for graphic artists, designers, and anyone with a hand for rendering to help us accurately portray the space elevator system. With our constantly advancing understanding of the technical requirements of the system it is key to produce new, relevant images to accompany our ongoing research. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in offering your skills. This work will be shared with many, so it is a great opportunity for artists and designers looking to expand their reach.
Bringing an accessible technical perspective, Research Director John Knapman explains the basics of powering tether climbers. You will also find a thorough research contribution from Dennis Wright of the ISEC Simulation Team sharing the results of a brainstorming session from our 2016 conference. As a finally note on research this month, we have included information on the IAC 2017 conference and call for papers. 

On the systems engineering side of SE design, Vern Hall presents an overview of autonomous shipping for the Earth Port and our Architecture Chair, Micheal Fitzgerald, continues his series on SE Architecture with a continuation of last month's commentary about the business side of the SE. 

As always, you will find notices of several open volunteer positions (a great way to help this project, even if you're not a scientist or engineer) and a reminder that all ISEC reports, Yearly Reports, CLIMB Journals and the Via Ad Astra Magazine, are now available FOR FREE in electronic (pdf) format at There is plenty of work to be done!

If you want to help us make a space elevator happen, JOIN ISEC and get involved!  A space elevator would truly revolutionize life on earth and open up the solar system and beyond to all of us.

Please don't forget to LIKE US on Facebook, FOLLOW US on Twitter and enjoy the photos and videos that we've posted on Flickr and YouTube - all under our Social Identity of ISECdotORG.

Thank you,

Sandy Curth
ISEC Publicity Director

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