October 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter Now Available
  • Kid's Climber Competition 2
    Kid's Climber Competition 2
  • Sandy Curth Presenting
    Sandy Curth Presenting
  • Kid's Climber Competition 1
    Kid's Climber Competition 1
  • Bryan Laubscher
    Bryan Laubscher
  • IAA Study Presentation
    IAA Study Presentation
  • Fitzer Presenting the Architecture Report
    Fitzer Presenting the Architecture Report
  • Kid's Climber Competition 3
    Kid's Climber Competition 3
  • 2016 Group Photo
    2016 Group Photo
  • Pete Swan
    Pete Swan
  • 2016 MOF Front Door
    2016 MOF Front Door

 The October, 2016 issue of the ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter is now available:  October 2016 ISEC Space Elevator Newsletter!

In this issue you will find a report on the 2016 European Space Elevator Challenge which took place in Munich last month. In this annual event robotic climbers built by teams from around the world are tested against each other on a simulated 100 meter Space Elevator tether. We are fortunate to have our Eurospaceward Liaison, Martin Lades, sharing a first hand account of the competition in this month's newsletter. 

Below you will also find an extensive interview with Yuri Artsutanov, an early pioneer of the Space Elevator and tireless space research innovator. His 1960 article in a Soviet youth magazine is the first published proposal for the modern tapered tether Space Elevator system. 

On the systems engineering side of SE design, Vern Hall weighs in on ocean infrastructure for the Earth Port and our Architecture Chair, Michael Fitzgerald, continues his series on SE Architecture with a write up on the business possibilities of the SE. Research Director John Knapman reports on our efforts to make SE resources readily available for those interested in technical SE research.

You will also find notices of several new Volunteer positions open (a great way to help this project, even if you're not a scientist or engineer) and a reminder that all ISEC reports, Yearly Reports, CLIMB Journals and the Via Ad Astra Magazine, are now available FOR FREE in electronic (pdf) format.

Also see the September 2016 ISEC Newsletter now available


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