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A new article has appeared in Acta Astronautica entitled "Design concepts for the first 40 km a key step for the space elevator".  This article deals with possible solutions to one of the thornier problems in space elevator design, and that's how to deal with the system inside earth's atmosphere.  While in some ways the atmosphere is more benign than space, in other ways it is much more problematic and solutions specific to this environment will have to be designed and adopted to deal with it.

The abstract begins:

"The Marine Node for the Space Elevator Infrastructure is the base for all activities to load and unload the cargo and climbers. As the basic design of the space elevator power system is solar power only, the first 40 km is hazardous to operations and demands enclosed packaging of fragile tether climbers. A significant question is: how do we place a full-up tether climber, driven by solar power, above the atmosphere? Two approaches, starting at the Marine Node, allow the tether climber to initiate the climb with solar energy above the atmosphere. The third viable approach is to provide a platform at altitude for initiation of tether climb..."

This article can be accessed at Acta Astronautica (or alternatively here).

The authors are Dr. John Knapman and Dr. Peter Swan.  Dr. Knapman is a member of the Board of Directors of ISEC (and the head of the ISEC Research Committee) while Dr. Swan is the President and also a Board Member with ISEC.

Message in a bottle graphicThe October ISEC Space Elevator eNewsletter has been issued and can be accessed here.  In this issue, The President's Corner quotes Albert Einstein while there is also a summary of one of the mini-workshops from the recent ISEC Space Elevator Conference, this one focused on the Marine Node (the name now being used for the Earth-port, or Earth station).  There is also the latest from The Research Files and a new "Why a Space Elevator " entry.

And please note that you can access all of the ISEC Space Elevator eNewsletters by pointing your mouse at the Resources tab on the Top menu and then scrolling down and clicking on the ISEC eNewsletters tab.


2015 International Space Conference logo

The second International Space Conference (ISC 2015) will be held on January 8th and 9th at Amity University in Noida, India.  Sourabh Kaushal, a friend of ISEC who has presented at a recent space elevator conference will be representing ISEC at this event and handing out copies of various ISEC Reports and also copies of CLIMB - The Space Elevator Journal.

This sounds like an exciting and informative two days and we encourage anyone who is interested in attending to visit their website and sign-up for the conference.

Woman at a computer graphicThe International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) has formed a Space Elevator History Committee to document the invention of the concept of the Space Elevator and the ever-increasing research and design which is taking place relating to this idea.  Dr. Peter Swan, the President of ISEC, puts it this way:

“We are at a point in human history where there is activity to move off planet.  As most of the world is limited by cost to orbit, we in the space elevator community believe we can make a difference in the future.  However, as we go forward, we should also look back and record the progress that has occurred in the space elevator community.  No one else will, until much later; so, we must step up and record our own history now.”

An initial team has already been formed and an aggressive agenda has been set, but Dr. Swan is looking for someone to head up the effort.  The first Conference call of the History Committee is set to occur next Tuesday, November 12th, 2013.  If you are interested in joining the team and/or heading up the effort, please contact Dr. Swan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Three people around a conference table graphicMini-Workshops were held at both the 2013 and 2014 ISEC Space Elevator Conferences.  These Workshops, conducted by a subject expert, delved more deeply into individual topics relating to the Space Elevator.  Summaries of many of these Workshops are now available here on the ISEC Website.  You can find them under the "Activities" tab on the Main Menu.

Summaries of all three of the Mini-Workshops held at the 2013 Conference are available as well as a summary for one of the 2014 Conference workshops.  Two additional Workshops were held at the 2014 Conference and summaries for those will be posted over the next couple of months.

Speaker at podium graphicISEC is very proud to announce the 2015 ISEC SPACE ELEVATOR CONFERENCE!  This event will be held at Seattle's Museum of Flight from August 21st through the 23rd, 2015.

This will be the fourth year in a row that ISEC has held its conference at this venue.  It's a fantastic place to visit and to meet and we are very happy to once again be partnering with them for this effort.

A very preliminary program outline has been posted on the Conference website.  It's not too soon to begin planning to attend (or to present!) the conference.

We hope to see you there!

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