2017 Space Elevator Conference - Press Meal Registration

This registration page is for the press to purchase meals at the conference in order to join the conference attendees during meal service.  Meals include morning coffee service, lunch, afternoon snacks, and beverages.  Meal prices are below the cost charged to the conference.  Registered members of the press may attend the Friday evening mixer and Saturday evening banquet free of charge.  Note that there is also a cafe at the Museum of Flight if you choose to have lunch there instead.

Registration payments are made through PayPal to the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC).

Registrations must be made for one person at a time.

An additional dinner banquet must be purchased for any additional guests.

Please be sure to select which days you will be attending for the one or two-day rates so that we can plan the catering appropriately.

Any cancellation must be made to david.horn@isec.org by August 20, 2017.  Refunds can not be provided on or after August 20, 2017 as we fully are committed to the conference facilities and catering costs after that date.

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